Another photo link post

Posted by Thomas Sun, 29 Jan 2006 16:22:35 +0000

Since these are all tabbed in Firefox at the moment, I’ll throw them in as well.

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Overdue update

Posted by Thomas Sun, 29 Jan 2006 16:19:51 +0000

I’ve been slacking on updating this thing again. I just can’t seem to scrape up much to talk about.

Just got back from skiing in VT. The skiing was much better than I was expecting, so that was good. I am still working on getting the tiredness and soreness to go away.

I think that Wendy’s is sometimes ripping me off… :( But I can’t seem to stop going.

I read some more on Jim Cramer’s book on the plane rides, and finally finished it. Hopefully soon I’ll be doing my research/homework into stocks and start playing in the stock market.

I also just yesterday hooked Marc up with a blog and photoblog. You should check them out.

Enough update for now, I just woke up from a nap and I really need to eat something…

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Posted by Thomas Tue, 17 Jan 2006 00:29:12 +0000

Well, folks, you heard it here first. Peeps are trying to raise funds to get Firefly back on the air. They’ve got $387 (as of this writing), so throw in some change; I might even, too

The last one was the best that I had seen in quite some time. Now that I’ve subscribed to the interestingness feed from flickr, I get to see a lot more raw numbers of pictures, which increases the number of really good pics that I get to come across.

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Third Wheel

Posted by Thomas Sat, 07 Jan 2006 19:39:27 +0000

RUN, do not walk, and find the movie “The Third Wheel”. I have no idea how I’ve missed this awesome movie since it came out in ’02. Go now. Don’t wait. What are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this? Seriously, go rent it. Download it. Do whatever you need to do to watch this movie. Seriously. Do it. Do it. Do it.

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