Google Movies Inline IMDB ratings

Posted by Thomas Thu, 22 Nov 2007 21:09:45 +0000

I have for quite some time been in want of a Greasemonkey script to display IMDB movie ratings on Google Movies. I finally ran across the Inline IMDB ratings script. I seasoned it to taste, and the result was Google Movies Inline IMDB ratings. I tried to optimize it so that it would just query the IMDB page once per movie, but it could probably still use a little optimization… Perhaps someone else on the intarwebs will find it useful. :)

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Remiss Movies

Posted by Thomas Sun, 18 Nov 2007 01:28:16 +0000

Again I’ve been remiss in posting. Lately I’ve caught up a bunch on somewhat of a movie backlog. I’ve watched:

  • Charade, which was very good
  • Maltese Falcon, which I realized half way through I had seen before, but hadn’t remembered. :( I guess that means that I wasn’t to impressed. But it was good. I wonder why I had forgotten I watched it before…
  • Eurotrip, which was good and better than expected
  • This Film Is Not Yet Rated, which, while interesting, wasn’t all that well put together, I thought. Not nearly as compelling as Supersize Me.

The past week I also started listening to the 1920s Radio Network on the world wide web. The music is pretty soothing; mostly standard big band tunes. And when it gets late they do radio theatre. Where I learned that Dragnet first started as a radio show, which I never knew before. I guess that makes the sketch Jack Webb did with Johnny Carson on the Carson Show about clapper make a whole lot more sense. :)

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Obligatory catch up post

Posted by Thomas Thu, 01 Nov 2007 00:32:29 +0000

I’ve been quite remiss in updates of late. I’ve had two major trips, since I wrote last. One to see my new niece, and the other to Durham, NC for the East Coast Wesleyite Meetup. Both exceeded expectations.

Getting to see the newest member of the Garner clan was pretty cool. The first of our immediate family’s next generation. I guess that she already has a couple of 3rd cousins in the age-range ballpark… Anyway it was good. A short visit, leaving Saturday morning, getting the early afternoon and leaving Sunday night. Good and short and sweet. Pictures will be forthcoming (of what few ones I will actually consider posting…).

What’s probably more interesting than me getting to hold my niece while she slept endlessly was part of the plane ride back. I’m not sure what kind of jet the leg was from Amarillo to DFW, but there were two sets of two seats, with an aisle down the middle. My seat was next to a young lady, traveling back to Louisiana. Anyway, the interesting part of this story is that we talked for the entire flight. We started chatting before takeoff and didn’t stop until I walked her to her next gate (only after which I realized I had walked 10 gates in the exact opposite direction of my gate). It was rather refreshing and encouraging that I could sustain a conversation and vice versa, something I was all but convinced might be outside the realm of my abilities. And while I may never hear from or speak to her again, I will always take the practice. :)

The newest tradition of the semi-annual East Coast Wesleyite Meetup was really nice. I guess we’ll continue having it (until everyone leaves the east cost, which might be sooner than you’d think). It was just really nice to be able to sit around with people who’ve known you so well for so long and and just be. There was the movie watching, the watching of the Kansas game, and the copious amounts of 42 (and staying up too late). :) Lots of theological discussion, even more so than I remember traditionally at Wesley (what else would you expect from the majority of our party being in seminary…). The drive was totally worth it (6 hrs going and 5.5 coming back) and wasn’t tiring or bad. Having to drive all that way even forced me to finally get new tires, but oh brother are tires expensive. I definitely look forward to the next one where I can get to see again Robert, T.J., Jeremy, Erin, and the honorary Wesleyite for the weekend, Ryan (Jeremy’s roomate).

Not the most eloquent of posts, but it’ll have to do…

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