Hawt KML Action!

Posted by Thomas Thu, 20 Jul 2006 23:55:39 +0000

This is hawt. Esp for those of you who’ve ever spent a week or more at Ceta Canyon. And a little more for those who’ve played with Google Earth and/or kml and Google Maps.


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Rogue Waves

Posted by Thomas Tue, 18 Jul 2006 01:41:45 +0000

I was wrong about rogue waves. Apparently they do exist.

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My watchband is tight

Posted by Thomas Thu, 13 Jul 2006 11:01:37 +0000

Either it’s summer, or I’m getting fat.

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Lost Razors

Posted by Thomas Fri, 07 Jul 2006 00:52:14 +0000

Ah, yes, well now I have left my shampoo, conditioner, and razor at Role’s casa twice in two trips. I wasn’t at all worried about leaving some stuff, until I realized that I no longer have a razor. I bought a new one last time, very similar to the old one, which made me happy, because the replacemnent blades are “cheap”. Which I put in air quotes because they aren’t really that cheap, only cheaper than the newer style razors with 20 cutting edges. And I wasn’t worried at all about my conditioner, because I used it up while I was there, and I’ve lived without the soap and soap dish for a while. But, again, I’m missing the razor. I don’t miss the refill blades, just the handle, as the blades are all mostly dull (amazingly enough I managed to do this both times, have the blades all be used up). So, needing tp and kleenex, I went to Kroger at close to midnight to fill my need to resolve my need to not have these things on my list of things to do. But, I was again thwarted, as they didn’t have the cheap and old style of Gillette Sensor Excel razor handles. The situation becomes exagerated when you realize that I haven’t shaven since Monday morning, and my face is getting pimply as we speak and itchy. Poor me. Serves me right for dashing out of the house and forgetting stuff. :(

Amy, I can empathize, if not sympathize with your frustration. I seem to recall lashing out at Elaine one time at Wesley, when she bemoaned not having a date in some small number of months (or maybe years, I don’t perfectly recall).

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Perfume and Earings

Posted by Thomas Wed, 05 Jul 2006 23:25:35 +0000

I would have to say that this past weekend over the 4th, on the whole was a pretty darned good long weekend. Flying in on Friday morning was torturous but bearable. I got to see a good many friends who were still in CS, and unfortunately probably missed a few, too. I didn’t plan out my time as well as I probably should have, so I’ll have to try and work on that next time. I hung out at Wesley most of the day Friday, and Friday night I got to eat at Cole and Rachel’s with Ben and LouLou. Saturday was the wedding, which went very well (and the reception dj’ing went well, too :). A bunch of us afterwards went to Ben’s where we watched “The Bourne Identity” and then “Wedding Crashers”, as Ben and Callum somehow hadn’t seen it (“Wedding Crashers”) yet. The bad part about that was the hour, as we stayed up until 4:30am. I ate lunch Sunday with some of Rache’s family at Abuelos. I didn’t even know that there was one in CS, but there is now! I spent a bunch of more time at Wesley Sunday and went to worship. They played some Phase 10 (not i) and most called it an early night. Monday, Cole, Rachel, and I ate Wings for lunch and had pork chops for dinner. In between I went in search of a replacement for the wap at Wesley, and we got a linksys. I couldn’t get it to work on Monday, but before I went to the lake on Tuesday, I went back, having thought about it, and fixed it without having to take it back to Best Buy and trade it in. Also went to Liz’s “going away party” Monday night. Somewhere in there Role and I spent a late night reminiscing over past choir tours and mission trips, which I might have to post about before I forget. Tuesday I went out to the lake with the Mertzs’ and the Klinkenburgs(sp). We floated some in the lake, and they shot off a bunch of fireworks. Headed back to CS, crashed, and then got up early for my 6:45am flight. Got to work around noon and finished the day.

Like I said, all in all, a really good trip. Since I was out at the lake until late, I didn’t have quite the closure that I would have liked with a majority of the people. I didn’t get to say goodbye to Cole and Rachel, nor Ben and LouLou in person, which I regret. I need to plan stuff out a little better, so that maybe I can have a better grasp of my what’s and when’s and be able to know if I’ll get to see those people again before I leave. So, to me it really felt like I had a bunch of time at the beginning of the trip, and then once Monday hit, was bouncing around, trying to juggle everything that was being thrown at me to attend. I did get Layne’s and Wings, the unanticipated Abuelos, but no Freebirds.

I’m not sure when I’ll get back, but I wish that it were soon. I don’t have any good reasons like dj’ing someone’s wedding, or babies on the way, so I guess that I’ll just have to make up a reason. Or maybe somebody can suggest a good one. :) I also have many mosquito bites… Tries not to scratch my bites…

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