Arranged Marriage

Posted by Thomas Tue, 29 Apr 2008 01:19:25 +0000

Last night (Sunday night that is), I had one of the strangest dreams that I’ve had in quite a while. I dreamed that I agreed to an arranged marriage. My parents were to pick the bride, who wound up being one of our neighbors’ daughter. We didn’t really meet before the wedding (even though she was around my age and from the same hometown — don’t know how I’d never met her). The ceremony was in my home church in Canyon. I’m pretty sure that the time spent in the dream at the ceremony was very brief. Then it skipped to me being in Mountain View at work, where my wife apparently worked (and had for sometime, before all of this arranged marriage stuff started). It was the end of the day, I was packing up my stuff, and she was there. I was wondering if I had only imagined or dreamed that I had gotten married, when at that same moment she showed off her wedding band which immediately confirmed that we were in fact married. She had dark skin and dark hair, but I don’t remember her name. As I was begrudging the fact that I had in fact gotten married, she started making some jokes or something where I noticed that she was nice and cute and funny. Then it skips ahead. Now her parents were Mormon and that’s how she grew up, but she had since changed to a Protestant denomination. This is how the dream ended with me accusing her of still being Mormon and how she secretly wanted to convert me and how I didn’t trust her when she said that she wasn’t.

Weird, huh? It seems way shorter written down. I swear it was a really long and fairly elaborate dream…

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Movie Catchup

Posted by Thomas Sun, 27 Apr 2008 21:18:03 +0000

I’ll catch you up on movies, since it’s been a while. I have gotten back into a movie watching mood as of late, having gone through most of my Netflix movies over the weekend (I think there for a while I had a couple of movies for over a month). I’ve seen Balls of Fury, which was good. Enchanted, which was good. No Reservations which was ok. Good Luck Chuck which was funny and perverse. 27 Dresses which was good. Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq, which was lackluster. And Juno which was pretty good. I plan on watching There Will Be Blood tonight. And after that, I’m actually having somewhat of a hard time picking what to get from Netflix next. I have plenty in my queue, but none that really stand out as flicks I want to dive into. I have a lot of stuff in there I need to watch, and not too many things I want to watch. I’m half looking forward to watching Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, but IMDb currently has it at a 3.7 and when I looked last it was like a 4.1. I’m guessing that the subject material is really rubbing people the wrong way, but the trailer looked pretty intriguing to me.

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Social Networking

Posted by Thomas Sat, 26 Apr 2008 17:10:50 +0000

I am seriously unhappy with Social Networking as implemented today. There are too many sites and not enough information sharing. Each site hoards the information you put into it (countless hours no doubt). I’m pretty sure that most social networking sites would argue that their terms of service explain how they own that data and those relationships. Every new site requires me to re-enter my information and re-find my friends. Sure some applications try to help you find your existing contacts, but who knows what email address my friends used, or what user name they picked?

Why can’t I have a single global profile, where I list all of my identities on all of the sites with social networking (flickr, facebook, linkedin, etc). And have links on this global profile to all of my friends’ global profiles. Get all of the social networking sites to use this global format, and voila. Whenever I sign up for a new fadsocial networking site, I tell it where my global profile is, and then poof, it knows exactly who all of my friends are, and it can easily find all of the ones that have signed up for their new hotness. No work for me! Yay!

I guess this is what XFN and FOAF are for, but it’s a long way off…

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Posted by Thomas Sat, 26 Apr 2008 11:35:09 +0000

I finally got ipv6 working at home (and firewalled off even). It’s taken several tries and several months to finally (magically) start working. Projects for today include riding, laundry, and finally finishing my stupid coffee table.

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eBay and Jag

Posted by Thomas Tue, 22 Apr 2008 22:23:21 +0000

I finally finished watching Jag all the way through. 10 seasons. That’s 6.62 days worth of TV altogether. Season 10 was a little tedious to get through…

Over the weekend I tried to procure a Cobalt Qube2 and a new lens on eBay. I think I enjoy bidding other people up more than actually buying stuff. :)

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More Photos

Posted by Thomas Mon, 14 Apr 2008 10:18:41 +0000

I’ve finally gotten around to posting more England pics in the photoblog than just Sallie (as you might have noticed with Liz yesterday). I still had some shots from Christmas left over, so for a while, it’s a Christmas photo first, then several hours later an England shot. Then, after I’m out of Christmas pictures, it’s 2-a-day Englands.

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TheLucid WP Theme Release

Posted by Thomas Sat, 12 Apr 2008 11:34:32 +0000

So this is my first post (likely the first of many) about the release of my port of TheLucid Typo theme to WordPress. Please note that this is the what I recall being the original release of TheLucid theme from the SonicIQ guys, and not their 1.1 release of the theme. There were a couple of comments in my original post requesting it. I have no excuses for not posting this sooner, and I really, really, really, really feel badly that it’s taken me this long to get around to it. Half of me was hoping to update it to the newer upstream version, but that never happened. And I was hoping to maybe add gravatar support, and that never happened. And I couldn’t really remember exactly what you’d need to get it installed, and so weeks and months went by. :(

Anyway, so I think all that you need to do is untar lucid into your themes directory, untar my patched version of addicted to live search into your plugins directory, for non-2.5 WP installs, install the Gravatar plugin, and then enable them all. In addition, (as was pointed out in the comments) you’ll have to edit “javascript/lucid.js” to point it to the right location. I’ve tried to add some versioning into the names, as inevitably there will be bugs that need to be addressed. And, as a disclaimer, this is only for WordPress 2.2, so I make no guarantees about it working with later WordPress versions (or even working at all :) ).

Please let me know if you guys have any issues with it.

Update: I edited this post some, updating the link to the current version, mentioning the Gravatar plugin, and that you’ll have to edit lucid.js to get search to work properly for you.

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Google App Engine

Posted by Thomas Tue, 08 Apr 2008 19:34:22 +0000

I totally know this guy.

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Ticket Fraud

Posted by Thomas Thu, 03 Apr 2008 19:28:44 +0000

I bought plane tickets this morning to fly home for Miyah’s baptism the weekend of May 3. They were a little more expensive than a few days ago (~$50), but I chalked it up to passing the month ahead of time threshold. I also didn’t see my preferred flight time, that leaves AMA around 7p and gets into ATL around 12:30a. I look again tonight. The fair dropped back down $50 and the better flight time is there. I swear that that later flight wasn’t available when I looked earlier. So, now if I wanted to change to the later flight, it’ll cost me an additional $60 (since the drop of $50 actually will be put towards my original $100 cost to change). So, I’m out $100 ($60 change fee plus the $50 drop in price difference) to get on the flight I could now purchase for less than I paid this morning. Total racket. :/

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The Office

Posted by Thomas Thu, 03 Apr 2008 10:01:15 +0000

is f’ing awesome!

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