Ticket Fraud

Posted by Thomas Thu, 03 Apr 2008 19:28:44 +0000

I bought plane tickets this morning to fly home for Miyah’s baptism the weekend of May 3. They were a little more expensive than a few days ago (~$50), but I chalked it up to passing the month ahead of time threshold. I also didn’t see my preferred flight time, that leaves AMA around 7p and gets into ATL around 12:30a. I look again tonight. The fair dropped back down $50 and the better flight time is there. I swear that that later flight wasn’t available when I looked earlier. So, now if I wanted to change to the later flight, it’ll cost me an additional $60 (since the drop of $50 actually will be put towards my original $100 cost to change). So, I’m out $100 ($60 change fee plus the $50 drop in price difference) to get on the flight I could now purchase for less than I paid this morning. Total racket. :/

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