Arranged Marriage

Posted by Thomas Tue, 29 Apr 2008 01:19:25 +0000

Last night (Sunday night that is), I had one of the strangest dreams that I’ve had in quite a while. I dreamed that I agreed to an arranged marriage. My parents were to pick the bride, who wound up being one of our neighbors’ daughter. We didn’t really meet before the wedding (even though she was around my age and from the same hometown — don’t know how I’d never met her). The ceremony was in my home church in Canyon. I’m pretty sure that the time spent in the dream at the ceremony was very brief. Then it skipped to me being in Mountain View at work, where my wife apparently worked (and had for sometime, before all of this arranged marriage stuff started). It was the end of the day, I was packing up my stuff, and she was there. I was wondering if I had only imagined or dreamed that I had gotten married, when at that same moment she showed off her wedding band which immediately confirmed that we were in fact married. She had dark skin and dark hair, but I don’t remember her name. As I was begrudging the fact that I had in fact gotten married, she started making some jokes or something where I noticed that she was nice and cute and funny. Then it skips ahead. Now her parents were Mormon and that’s how she grew up, but she had since changed to a Protestant denomination. This is how the dream ended with me accusing her of still being Mormon and how she secretly wanted to convert me and how I didn’t trust her when she said that she wasn’t.

Weird, huh? It seems way shorter written down. I swear it was a really long and fairly elaborate dream…

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  1. Chad said on May 1, 2008 @ 8:24 pm:

    I had two weird dreams the other night. In the first one I could fly, but I flew into some power lines and went blind. The second one is vague, but i remember that there was somebody (I think at church) that I didn’t want to hang out with, but I felt bad about not including him in social things. I didn’t want to be around him because he had a giant spider head, as in a normal human body but his head was a big tarantula head. So I felt bad because you’re supposed to love everybody but I pretty much hated spider-head boy.

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