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Posted by Thomas Sun, 18 Nov 2007 01:28:16 +0000

Again I’ve been remiss in posting. Lately I’ve caught up a bunch on somewhat of a movie backlog. I’ve watched:

  • Charade, which was very good
  • Maltese Falcon, which I realized half way through I had seen before, but hadn’t remembered. :( I guess that means that I wasn’t to impressed. But it was good. I wonder why I had forgotten I watched it before…
  • Eurotrip, which was good and better than expected
  • This Film Is Not Yet Rated, which, while interesting, wasn’t all that well put together, I thought. Not nearly as compelling as Supersize Me.

The past week I also started listening to the 1920s Radio Network on the world wide web. The music is pretty soothing; mostly standard big band tunes. And when it gets late they do radio theatre. Where I learned that Dragnet first started as a radio show, which I never knew before. I guess that makes the sketch Jack Webb did with Johnny Carson on the Carson Show about clapper make a whole lot more sense. :)

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