New Processor

Posted by Thomas Thu, 30 Sep 2004 22:09:31 +0000

Yay for intesting blog posts… let’s hope that this is one of them.

Well, today, we finally got the processor in that I had ordered on Monday for Carol’s old computer. I guess I really did fry the other processor… bummer… but this one works like a champ, at a blazing 1.3GHz. 36.8% faster than the old one. So everybody should be happier now that we have ~4 working computers in the computer lounge. So, that makes me happy that I got it to work, but sucks that it has costed me about $50 for my mistake… oh well… now we just have to wait for the monitor on that computer to go out, and then for one of the Dell hard drives to go out. Oh joy. It seems like everything I touch as of late breaks…

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