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Posted by Thomas Thu, 28 Oct 2004 02:10:04 +0000

I realized that this might be a cool way for my fam to keep up with what I am up to. Maybe that will give me some motivation to post frequently.

Today, I got up pretty late, i.e. noon. By the time that I got to Wesley, it was almost 1pm, so I was already a bit hesitant to go into Lunch Bible Study. In transit down the hall, Ryan Martin stopped me to ask if I knew anything about roofs. Since I have a little knowledge, I went with him to this house in Bryan to do a pre-site check before the workday on Saturday. That all want fine, and I even got to spend some time in an attic! Yay! The funny part about all of this was the ride back to Wesley. We were running late, so we took 6 back to University. Along the way the ladder flew out the back of Shane’s truck, skidding to the side of the road, ending up in the median. We turned around to go back and get it. I ran out once we got there to grab the ladder. Unknown to me at the time, we must have obliterated a fire ant hill, because the stupid thing was covered in them. While I was putting the ladder back into the back of the truck, I began to feel stuff on my legs. The median wasn’t too thick with brush, so I was caught a little off guard that these burs were hurting so much. When I looked down I realized that I had a whole lot of ants on me, and they were biting. I quickly got to flicking them all off, but I got some good bites in the meantime. I bet I’ll have a few scars now from them, just like most of my othen fire ant bites. We proceeded back to Wesley a little more cautiously and didn’t have any further incident.

Well, how’s that for a cool blog story? A little long though… I’ll try to keep the posts shorter, as I don’t personally like to read long posts.

There is barn dance on Friday night out in a barn, out in the country. I really haven’t quite decided if I’m going or not. If it’s like years past, there is a whole lot of square dancing, which I really don’t appreciate too much. Which makes me want to go late. But, if I do that, then I’ll have to drive out there; which I don’t want to do, because gas is to high… I dunno. We’ll see. Also, since I’ve been dancing so much as of late, I was thinking about maybe getting some new boots. I haven’t owned any since junior high, so I was pondering it.

And there’s workday, too, but I’d personally rather just sleep in. Since we are heading it up, and there are several other orgs participating, we are supposed to have more people than the others (esp. the Mormons). But I really don’t care. The last one we went on I got pretty frustrated building a stupid wheelchair ramp in the rain, with less than adequate tools. I figure that the same tool shortage will happen again, so it’s just better if I stay out of it. But somehow I bet that I get roped into helping out. I feel a lot like I’ve paid my dues, but maybe I’ll pitch in as a supervisor. But, I’m a crappy supervisor. I always just do it myself because it’s easier…

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