Unproductive day

Posted by Thomas Fri, 29 Oct 2004 00:10:10 +0000

So, today didn’t seem to be a very productive day. I got up around 11am, which is a little earlier than the norm as of late. Which made me pretty early for lunch Bible study, but that’s no big deal. I seem to be getting hungrier earlier in the morning than I used to. Anyway, after LBS I started playing around with KB’s wedding video stuff that I was supposed to have finished months ago. I realized that in reality that it will probably be easier and generally better if I can just get a hold of those tapes from the wedding, and then use the camera to transfer the video to VHS. I guess that it’ll just wait until Thanksgiving. And then the balance of my afternoon was spent working on updating the scheduler. Since there is Division at Wesley tomorrow, they kicked us out of Wesley so that they could clean it all up nice for the people who will be coming tomorrow. So, I took the laptop and came home and watched K-19. It seemed to be an ok movie, but I wasn’t paying too close of attention because I was working on installing some stuff on the laptop… which I sortof got to work how I wanted it to.

Well, it would seem that I continue to make long posts, but I am happy that I posted again today. Woo! Two days in a row. Maybe I should change the name of the blog to blog-a-day to try and motivate me.

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