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Well, today felt a little more productive, even though I’m having a hard time remembering what all that I did today. Got up at 11:50am, after hitting snooze every 10 or so minutes since 9:30am (since I set my alarm for then…). Went to lunch Bible study a little late and did dishes afterwards. I worked on the scheduler sometime in there, even getting a little progress done, mostly conceptual, which I had been having some problems with. I also called Skier’s Edge in Santa Fe to check on their prices. Theirs were higher than at the base, so we’ll probably just buy tickets and rent skis directly from Ski Santa Fe. Hopefully I’m not missing some cheaper alternatives. This also unfortunately means that the total isn’t going down much. The room cost for 3 nights is like $120, plus 3-day lift tix at $111, plus ski rental at $46 adds up to about $280. Which seems expensive to me, but maybe I’m just ignorant of how much it really costs. That doesn’t include the cost of the bus, if there is any in the end, and also assumes that there are 20 of us to get the group rate for the lift tickets. We wound up with 19 deposits, essentially, today. Oh, and that doesn’t absorb the cost of Max’s stuff either… which increases the cost by another roughtly $15. So it probably will be right at the (high) cost of $300.

What else did I do today… Old Army Bible Study essentially didn’t meet because Nick had Century Singers rehearsal. He forgot about us and didn’t tell anybody that he couldn’t make it… oh well… I didn’t care too much. Eric Brown cut up his leg pretty bad today, too, playing ping pong. Apparently his second ping pong related injury of the year.

I also tried to compress the “Day in the Life of Thomas” video so that people could download/stream it… but I failed. I talked to Adan about it, but he couldn’t offer much advice on what to do. So, I’m stumped on it for a while.

Yeah, I don’t think that anybody except Laurie and KB reads this, and even then I’m not so sure how much/often they do… If anybody else reads this, then you should tell/email/comment me about it. Thanks, I’d appreciate it.

Plus, this evening stupid Marcus got that song “Complicated” song in my head, as sung by the younger Simpson sister.

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