More than you ever wanted to know about multifunction printers

Posted by Thomas Tue, 16 Nov 2004 23:11:19 +0000

If you trust CNet (which I do), then their top multifunction laser is the HP LaserJet 3380 (7.7) and their top multifunction inkjet is the Epson Stylus CX6600 (8.1). Froogle would say that the HP starts at about $637, plus shipping, whereas the Epson starts at about $139, plus shipping. If you again trust CNet, then the HP costs 2.3 cents per page and that the Epson costs 2.7 cents per page. I then figure that, since the HP is cheaper by $0.04 per page, after about 12,500 pages (or 25 reams), you break even on your total investment. So, if you think that you’ll use the thing that much before the thing dies, then go with the HP, else go with the Epson. Also, the Epson has cool features like color printing (if you like color printing stuff) and multiple card readers for removable media.

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