Posted by Thomas Wed, 24 Nov 2004 01:11:12 +0000

Ok, so I sit down at my parent’s new computer, that I setup last time I was home, and fired up Mozilla Firefox to begin my browsing ritual. It came up to a critical warning that I needed to update Firefox due to security vulnerabilites. I think, ok, no problem, let’s update. Then I start to download the 1.0 Release. Look at this frickin’ screenshot!

Cox High Speed Internet Speed Screenshot

That’s over 4Mbits per second! I wish that I got that at my apt… Let’s hope that Cox get’s their rollout sooner more than later in College Station.

Anyway, since I burned all of those Dave Matthews Band cds before I left, I was curious if I could get any takers on betting how many hours I could listen to DMB. Well, whomever was closest to picking 7.5 hours gets the prize. Talk to me to claim your prize.

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