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I was thinking about this a couple of days ago, but I didn’t get around to posting. I must say that I am getting worried about the job that I interviewed for the first part of January. He said that he would call either way, and that it would be about two weeks. Well, this past Wednesday was three weeks, and of course, this coming Wednesday will be four. So, this is disturbing. I did, though, apply for another job. Drew pointed this one out to me on Wednesday night, if I remember correctly. It’s with Brazos County as an Assistant Network Administrator. I filled out the application and redid my resume somewhat on Thursday night. Cole said that I should probably go ahead and submit a cover letter with the app and resume as well, so I took the better part of my Friday to get that all done. I finally got it mailed, or I should say that Nancy mailed it, Friday before 5pm. Hopefully they’ll give me a call next week.

I would hope that sending out an application alone might make me feel like I’ve been productive, but it really hasn’t. And, on top of that, I ran out of West Wing to see, so I can’t watch any more West Wing until NetFlix sends me more, which will be like Tuesday or Wednesday…

Plus, Marc and I really need to get on the CT Promo video for next year, plus I need to work on the brochure and maybe touch up the postcard, but board meeting is next Saturday, so I doubt that Carol will have those things as a high priority. Plus, I’ve got the computer for A&M UMC to build when it gets here, so that I can have some more money. Plus Cole needs me to look at his network, and Liz needs me to look at her computer as it’s not connecting to Resnet. And, since I figured out how to do DVD menus, I need to finish up the menus for “A Day in the Life of Thomas”, and maybe sell them to some peeps. Which would also make me some money, if only a little. But before I finish it, I still need to do the director’s commentary, which I think that I’ll ask Drew to co-comment on with me, if I can. And, I’m trying to write an open-source photo blog/gallery web application in JSP (because the guy who wrote Folderblog is a butt and didn’t open source his code…). I didn’t think that it would take very long, but it’s taking longer than I expected, and my interest is sloping downward in an exponention fashion. And I’m running out of disk space! I really need to procure me some more… which costs more money… and I’ll really be screwed if we need to capture too much more video, because I just don’t have the space to put it. And, I need to put more memory in both of the servers at Wesley… since I finally figured out a good place to put the two sticks that Drew gave me a long time ago…


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