Yay for random AIM conversations

Posted by Thomas Tue, 15 Feb 2005 23:02:08 +0000

This is a conversation from the first part of last December that Ben thought he was having with me, but he was unknowingly talking to Nancy. Yay for friends who will go along with whatever the crap you throw at them.

(15:02:38) bigbrother0074: is the scheduler up?
(15:03:17) bigbrother0074: *operation timed out when attempting to connect to tamuwesley.dyndns.org*
(15:05:07) thomas536m: I love you so much
(15:05:12) bigbrother0074: ;)
(15:05:23) thomas536m: let’s run away together, ben
(15:05:32) thomas536m: leave it all behind
(15:05:33) bigbrother0074: now?
(15:05:43) thomas536m: sure!
(15:05:46) thomas536m: how’s vegas sound?
(15:05:49) bigbrother0074: umm….okay
(15:05:50) bigbrother0074: sure
(15:05:59) bigbrother0074: wait, aren’t your parent’s going to be in vegas?
(15:06:03) bigbrother0074: would that be a good idea?
(15:06:04) thomas536m: uh-oh
(15:06:08) thomas536m: san francisco, then
(15:06:13) bigbrother0074: fine for me
(15:06:32) thomas536m: there we won’t won’t have to hide our sweet gay love
(15:06:54) bigbrother0074: that’s what i’ve always dreamed about
(15:07:25) bigbrother0074: well, that and how to get that urine smell out of the carpet
(15:09:29) thomas536m: well, now you’re one for two
(15:09:34) bigbrother0074: YESSSSSS
(15:09:44) thomas536m: you need never think about that carpet ever again, sweetcakes
(15:10:01) thomas536m: we’ll have new carpet
(15:11:00) bigbrother0074: you’re so romantic
(15:11:06) bigbrother0074: i think i’ll make a sandwich
(15:12:36) thomas536m: I’ll even let you pick the color if you agree to be the woman
(15:12:48) thomas536m: at least 65% of the time
(15:15:04) thomas536m: where’d you go?
(15:15:08) thomas536m: did that last one scare you off?
(15:15:15) thomas536m: nooooooooooooooo! my sweet benjamin
(15:15:20) thomas536m: come back darling
(15:18:58) bigbrother0074: no, i was making a sandwich
(15:19:01) bigbrother0074: like i said
(15:19:10) bigbrother0074: i get to pick the hair color?
(15:19:18) bigbrother0074: yipeeeeeee
(15:19:54) thomas536m: no, carpet color
(15:20:00) thomas536m: tell no one of this
(15:20:05) thomas536m: it’ll be out little secret
(15:20:08) thomas536m: I gotta go, snoogums
(15:20:14) bigbrother0074: ok
(15:20:19) bigbrother0074: bye sweetie pie

Update: Apparently Marc had something to do with this as well… which takes some of the funny-ness away… but it’s still pretty funny.

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