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Posted by Thomas Tue, 22 Feb 2005 22:02:51 +0000

Since either one or both of my sisters mentioned my blog last time that I talked to them, here is a (semi-non-nerdy) update.

I guess that it’s good that the jobs that I’ve been applying for are running together. Apparently in the past two days I applied for:

  1. Senior Computer Support Specialist on 2/22 with Center for Distance Learning Research/TAMU
  2. Linux Specialist on 2/21 with IBM (location Nationwide)
  3. Programmer Analyst I on 2/22 with Information Technology/Brazos County
  4. PC Specialist on 2/22 with Information Technology/Brazos County (I need to mail them tomorrow)
  5. Junior Software Technical Support Windows/unix Linux Solaris on 2/22 with Larson CGM Software Corp in Houston

And I applied for Information Technology Associate on 2/18 with CIS/TAMU. Hopefully that’s it. I might start logging my applications here, just to keep tabs on what I’ve been doing. I will be doing some work for Pat’s dad’s work on Thursday. I’ll drive down to Katy to see what’s up and meet with some people. I also got a pseudo-random call from a guy in Dallas who had seen my resume on Dice. He was supposed to have already sent me an email that I needed to respond to, but I haven’t gotten it, yet, which worries me. Maybe I’ll get it tomorrow and can send him my resume and he can be on the lookout for jobs for me.

Plus, as of late, I have all but finished the new brochure for Wesley. It has taken me a while, and with some help from several people, it is looking pretty good.

There are several Linux jobs at Rackspace in San Antonio that I need to apply for. And one NOC Technician position in A-town. Maybe I’ll get to them tomorrow.

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