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Posted by Thomas Thu, 03 Mar 2005 20:56:37 +0000

I wrote an email to a cool guy named Robert Cringely. Who knows if I’ll hear anything back from him. I bet that he receives a HUGE amount of email, and mine was pretty long and wordy… oh well, at least I tried to sound cool… :) Here it is:

Dear Mr. Cringely,

I am an avid reader of your weekly column and appreciate your insight into the bigger picture of the technology market. While I can only imagine the mountain of email that you must receive everyday, you are the only person that I thought might answer a weighty question that I have about that bigger picture: Why is it do you think that Google has as of yet to enter the RSS Reader market?

They already possess similar technology (their Groups and Gmail interfaces) that would allow them easy entry into this market, as well as their targeted advertising and their already large collection of RSS material. It seems to me that Google is missing out on this new way for people to interact with the internet. I cannot even speculate what Ask Jeeves will do next with Bloglines (my RSS reader of choice) or why Google might not have been interested in their acquiring their. I have never seen advertising from Bloglines but might guess that it is inevitable. I know that Google has a proven record providing relevant text ads and the ability to relate web sites to one another. This would not only provide a service to the user by providing good ads, but also by suggesting content similar for the user to read.

I honestly apologize for the length of this email, as it seems to have run away from me a bit. But, I hope that the length and wordiness have not undermined my little attempt at insight and relevance.

Thank you for your time,
Thomas Garner

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    I have learned about this at school today!

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