The top ten reasons why you should hire me

Posted by Thomas Mon, 07 Mar 2005 16:44:43 +0000

Here are the
Top Ten reasons why you should hire me as your next entry-level Linux System Administrator:

10. I have eaten breakfast from a vending machine.
9. I have used Debian GNU/Linux for over five years, starting my freshman year of college. I liked Debian before it was cool to like Debian. I’ve even made a few Debian converts. Yes, I may be a Debian zealot, but don’t let that scare you.
8. I have administered Debian GNU/Linux for that same timeframe, including setting up my own DNS, NFS, NIS, Samba, FTP, and Web services, just to name a few.
7. I work everyday on my own Debian GNU/Linux workstation. I am comfortable with, dare I say love, VIM, the command line, and editing flat config files.
6. I graduated in 4 years with a degree in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University.
5. I am a quick learner, a fast problem solver, and have a high attention to detail. I think that sys admin skills are sys admin skills. As such, it should be trivial to switch from one distro to another.
4. I can find just about anything on the internet, including finding solutions to problems other people can’t find and finding solutions to problems faster than most.
3. I eat, sleep, drink, and breathe Linux. I have literally found found bugs in my code in my sleep and have dreamed about kernel messages.
2. I make computers do what I tell them to do. They cower before my very presence. Many a friend has called on me to fix a problem that goes away as soon as I enter the room.
1. I am passionate about Linux and have an aptitude for its administration.

What I mean is that I think that I am a smart and hard worker and can do an awesome job. Somebody just needs to give me a chance. I know that I won’t let them down.

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  1. bigbrother0074 said on March 8, 2005 @ 12:46 am:

    i still love you, thomas.

    you’re a hero in my book.

    seriously, i don’t know why you are having trouble finding a job… people of your schooling should be in high demand i believe. and i think you are well above the pack of other people with the equivalent of your schooling. maybe it is the time out of school? for some reason, that may speak to some employers like you couldn’t get a job in that time, and they may be wary to hire you… or do you not interview well? i know you’ve got the stuff. you do. just don’t get too down on yourself.

    who all has not hired you with whom you think you had a valid chance, by the way?

  2. KB said on March 19, 2005 @ 11:25 pm:

    Hang in there. They just don’t know what they’re missing and all but the one who hires you will kick themselves later!!!!!

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