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Posted by Thomas Sat, 30 Jul 2005 13:14:32 +0000

Appreciation goes out to Ben for making me feel good making my blogs one of the first ones that he catches up on after a dry spell. Also to Miss Collins. I didn’t know that you read this, so that’s super cool. It took me a bit to realize who Amy was with the email that you gave. But after a quick search of my employer came up with one result and your last name. Which was good, because I would have not posted the comment had I not realized who you were… This also made me think that you’re a google whack, but I just looked up the rules and tamutrixie03 wouldn’t count. Anyway, Amy, in my book, you’ll always be a Google Whack. :)

So, last night I watched the “Punisher”. I thought about posting here how if it wasn’t a good movie that I was going to have to… um… something… I dunno. I guess I was just going to be disappointed and angry that I had wasted a perfectly good Netflix spot in my weekend for a crappy movie. But this was not the case. It totally wasn’t really what I was expecting (which is usually a good thing when it comes to stuff like this), so I enjoyed it. I watched “The Whole Ten Yards” the night before. It was ok, but not as good as “The Whole Nine Yards”. Very scatterbrained, I thought. Not a complete waste of time. I will watch “Analyze This” sometime today. Again, I hope that it’s a good movie. It would seem of late that I am having some difficulty finding movies that I really want to watch. There is a mountain of movies that I feel obligated to watch, like “Platoon” or “Monty Python’s Life of Brian”. Stuff that I should watch, but really just have no desire to sit through. Sounds like a personal problem, doesn’t it? :)

I thought about just leaving the comments about “The Prince and Me” just go, but as I type apparently I’m not going to let it go. So, as far as the comments go, you can either make fun of me for it, or I will just censor more of what I write and you can just never hear about stuff like that again. Which would you rather have?

Time for lunch and a movie.

Song in my head when I woke up this morning: Dave Matthews – When the World Ends

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  1. bigbrother0074 said on July 30, 2005 @ 5:12 pm:

    aww… comon. let us make fun of you. i watched the notebook the other night. it was my idea. there, ya feel better now?

    as far as movies, you can always go with blazing saddles… i made loulou watch it the other night. man, that’s such a funny movie.
    and i like your commentary on the movies you watch. now i feel like i should see the punisher, and i don’t feel like i’m missing out on the whole ten yards. i don’t know how dark the punisher is, but it looked pretty dark. another good one along that vein is the crow. the previews for the punisher reminded me of it.
    i just finished watching the family guy movie. it was alright. not really amazing or groundbreaking. it’s got the classic FG feel to it, but it also pushes the boundaries a bit further than the tv show, so i’m sure it’s gonna be rated R. in all, i’d say not a waste of time, but you could probably wait to rent it (netflix).


  2. amy said on July 31, 2005 @ 8:18 pm:

    hey, i got a shout-out in your blog! makes me feel special. =) i learned about it a couple of weeks ago when chad visited.

    sorry about the mini-confusion over “amy”. i wasn’t sure if you’d know who i was but thought you’d figure it out if not. does a google whack have to be two words? is that why i am disqualified?…this reminds me, i need to email my school’s webmaster and tell them to take down the email addresses!

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