White Board UP!

Posted by Thomas Thu, 11 Aug 2005 00:59:27 +0000

I got the white board hung tonight, with the help of a couple of nails, some speaker wire, two pci slot covers, and some bubble wrap. Last night I had the idea from some home makeover show to nail into the top cap of the wall to hang up my whiteboard. Looked at it this morning and realized/remembered that I have quite a large pseudo crown molding. Since this “crown molding” has a small strip of molding about 6–8″ below the ceiling, I figured that putting nails in at the very top of it would work great because they won’t be able to see the hole from standing on the ground. So, great, no holes to have to fill later. Has some small guage speaker wire, since I didn’t have any string. Ripped it apart to form 2 strands. Then bent the pci slot covers into a J to hold the white board. Fastened the wire to the pci slot covers. Then tied the wire to the nails and voila, a hanging white board. Then I had to make it so that the top would stay against the wall. Used some other semi-stiff wire that I had to make the board “stick” to the wire. Was worried about getting metal stuff on the wall (which wound up happening some before I fixed it, but hopefully not too bad), so I used a bubble wrapped envelope to keep the pci covers from contacting the wall. Not too bad for an engineer. :)

Too bad I don’t have a camera, else I’d just show you. :( I guess I’ll have to work on that… after I pay off the washer and dryer.

On a more serious note, I’ll try and respond to the comments given graciously by you guys about “The Pickup”. Hopefully I will get that out tomorrow, but since I’m heading out on Friday, if I don’t get it done, then it may be Sunday night or Monday night. Let’s hope that it’s tomorrow. :)

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