Not much

Posted by Thomas Sun, 21 Aug 2005 00:22:02 +0000

Watched a bunch of West Wing today. Haven’t done too much stuff. These made me laugh out loud. Drew, definitely need to check them out. Marc, you should give this a try.

I dunno if J-Rod reads this, so if you do, then send me a cd or something of Kellie Shehan(sp), else, someone smack him in the back of the head and tell him that I still want it.

tackerm is a jerkstor for camping on a bunch of auctions. I really, really want to jack up all of the prices on all of the auctions that he’s bid on to just below what it looks like his max bid is. muahahha! (I’m in the market because my QLA2100 just isn’t going to cut it :/).

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