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Thanks Ames for checking out the photoblog and commenting. I really appreciate it. :) At least I know that somebody’s listening. Also a new shoutout to my newest commenter, Ethan. What’s up, bro? Thanks for stopping by.

Well, I paid off my washer and dryer a couple of days ago. My how quickly Sears can cash a check. I’m looking to have a bigger buffer in my checking, so I think that I’ll be working as much overtime as I can stand from here on out. It won’t be a whole lot of extra money, but every little bit helps, you know?

Also, I’ll be traveling on business starting next Monday. I’ll still be reachable through every mean that I am currently, save probably AIM. And even that I might be on and off. Email and phone will be your best bets.

Watched Sin City and Bad Boys. Both were ok, I guess. Sin City was good in its own way, but not much to write home about. I’ve probably seen Bad Boys before, but couldn’t really remember, so I got it. It was pretty average, I’d say for a Will Smith action movie.

Traveling might give me some opportunity to take some pics, but we’ll see. If I am going to do that, then really I’ll need a bag, a memory card, and a tripod. Things that I’d rather not spend money on right now.

My sisters both got back from their vacations with their husbands. I am told that they had good times. Laurie and Edward on their honeymoon to Hawaii, and KB and Clay on a cruise. Yay for them.

Enough for now, and I’ll try and post another photo to the blog.

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