Little Thing

Posted by Thomas Mon, 28 Nov 2005 01:30:07 +0000

So here I am chowing down twin apple pies from McDonalds writing to you straight from A-town (Atlanta that is). Finally got back from Canyon today after fun with missed connections, et al. But that is not the reason that I stream my concious to you right before I crash so I can get up to go to work tomorrow. No, the reason that I blog to you tonight is women. Hmm, let me check that little box to make this post go into the women’s category. Ah, much better.

Ok, so most of you should have seen this one coming, especially since I am apparently have the worst luck with weather whilest trying to get back to Atlanta from the panhandle (it snowed today in the panhandle for those of you at home!). With poor weather comes lots of down time at the airport. So too much time on your hands and plenty of pretty women chilling at the airport with you makes me wonder when I will ever grow some balls? Seriously. There was this one girl in particular. While I was waiting to try to fly on standby so that I wouldn’t have to stay overnight and fly out at 1pm tomorrow, there happened to be a very pretty girl waiting in the same little area. So, she was hot and I didn’t say anything to her, and that was that. As it turned out she was flying standby to Atlanta as well, and she got to fly out on that flight and I got the opportunity to try and catch the next one. How fortuitous and crappy at the same time. Anyway, if any of you have ever yeard the song “Little Thing” by Dave Matthews, then you will know something analgous to what I’m currenty feeling. Anyhoo, I do this every once in a while and I always kick myself.

After I got on the plane that finally brought me home, I was trying to get comfortable, but I couldn’t really, because I’m too dad gummed tall. I thought to myself, “self, don’t you hate being tall?”. Which led me to the following pickup line:

Excuse me, but don’t you hate being so beautiful, because every time you’re at an airport random guys walk up to you and strike up a conversation as if they know you, when all you really want to do is to get out of this frickin’ airport… get back to your home, to your boyfriend, and to a nice, hot bubblebath.

I should take bets on who thinks that next time I fly home I could find some similarly hot girl and say that to her.

In other news I’ll post some pics to the photoblog from the past couple of days. I probably have a couple or 3 to post…

And if anyone would like to submit a 1500–2000 word essay on why I have no cojones, then feel free.

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  1. bigbrother0074 said on November 28, 2005 @ 2:47 am:

    i couldn’t, but i bet marc could pop one out in a little less than half an hour… he’s an english (read: anguish) major — they teach him to b.s. on the fly like that.

    btw, i’m back on the ball w/ your blogs. i got busy this semester and it started to pile up. i want to see more pics on the photoblog!

    you should talk to the girl. at worst, you’ll never see her again. well, maybe that’s at best. i dunno. i bet i could turn that into 1500 words… give me some time. but time is not what i have right now. i gotta register in 6 hrs for classes that i hope are still there… and speaking of registering (this is starting to seem like seinfeld…) “what’s the deal” with your scheduler? it isn’t updated for the spring 2k6 semester. its a bit late for me to use like i normally do, but i still like the way it prints out for me …..ahh, pretty. but can you make it sqeeze onto one page every time? geez, i’m kinda rambling. that probably has a lot to do with NyQuil. well, i’m glad you’re safe and sound in a-town again. i’ll talk to ya again soon.

  2. Cole said on November 28, 2005 @ 1:23 pm:

    Did you realize that there is no link to your photoblog from this blog? Maybe you’re just trying to keep your pagerank low ;) but I get annoyed having to change the link from the status bar.

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