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I guess that you guys are in for a treat! Two posts in one day. Perhaps I’m trying to compensate for how ever many days it has been since I last posted (not counting today). Most of you I would guess are procrastinating from finals, so I’m glad to be of service.

I had Papa Johns for lunch and dinner today. What can I say? A large is two meals. Especially when it costs $13.

The deal with the car: I heard something funny when I locked the doors using the remote. Didn’t think too much about it at the time. But when I came back and the power lock on the driver’s side door wasn’t working, I figured that some rod had popped out. No big deal, right? I figured that when I had some time and some daylight, I’d look into it. Which was the next Saturday. I began to take off the inside part of the door, only to find out that my 7mm socket wasn’t quite going to do it for me. I decided that I would just get what I needed at Wal-Mart and headed out. In the parking lot I ran into two co-workers. These guys happened to be working on one of their cars, and so I asked them if they could help me out in the tool area. Which of course they did. I followed them back and finished taking apart the door. To my dismay, it wasn’t so much that a rod had popped out of a guide, as the power lock actuator had come detached from the door and was just hanging inside it. After some pondering I figured that if I had some sort of hacking device, I could probably take out the rivets and just reattach the actuator using some machine screws and nuts. But, by this time I was cold and wasn’t really in any mood to fiddle with it any more. I had neither a hack saw, nor any machine screws, and I just wasn’t in the mood to track everything down. Since it was precariously perched, I wasn’t about to slam the door shut to break anything further. I just closed it enough so that it would be locked, but not shut all the way. That weekend it rained a bunch. Since my door wasn’t shut all the way, the seal wasn’t tight, letting rain water in. My seat was pretty damp when I got in on Monday, but didn’t really realize what had happened until after my but was wet. I just stuck it out driving to work and had a soggy bottom for a while. Nobody seemed to notice, so asll was good. Anyway, I just left it pretty much as it was for several days. The inside of the door just sort of hanging on by a thread. Late this past week I was finally fed up with my door not quite being whole, so I pulled the actuator out of the inside of the door so that the window would work properly, and put it all back together. Which is where it still is. I am currently thinking that I would love to pay a bunch of money to the dealer to fix it. We’ll see. I did though get an oil change and a car wash yesterday. It needed both. I also got some overpriced wiper blades and an air filter at the quick oil change place. Yes, I know. I let them do it to me so I wouldn’t have to figure anything out. I knowingly paid the premium for my own convienence.

What else, I guess that I haven’t told you guys about the AVEL Linkplayer2 that I got. It was an early Christmas present from the ‘rents. Which pretty much all of my presents have been, well all of the big ones at least. Since I’m more than 500 miles from home, it would be an ordeal to try and get presents back with me on the plane. Not impossible, just a hassle that I’d rather live without. So, they ordered stuff and had everything shipped out to me, which is totally cool with me. But it does make me wonder what this year will be like at home when everyone else will be opening presents. I know that they’ll have some stuff for me too, then, but things just won’t be the same. I guess that’s what I can expect for a while so long as it is cheaper and better for me to fly rather than drive.

Well, what else? I did see Saw II today. It was good, but to me it was exactly like Saw I. Definitely not worth the $6.50. Walked around the mall cruising for chicks. Didn’t find any. :( Bought a broadband router at Circuit City. Note to self: Send in the rebates.

Work is good. Changed gears a bunch. Change is good, until it becomes the norm, then more change is needed. Rinse & repeat. Been taking pictures. I took a few tonight, but I haven’t seen them, yet. I looked at Circuit City for a X-in-1 card reader, but they wanted $40. I’m willing to pay $10 for one, so no dice. I have to import them from the camera, so it’s more steps than I’d like, leading to me putting off downloading them in a timely manner. I would have taken more, but it was cold and I had neither the desire to get shot, nor the desire to get arrested. I might have tresspassed on a high school… At least some old farmer dude didn’t let out the air in my tires.

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