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I hate Lost. It sucks, bigtime, and for numberous reasons.

I am currently caught up. I’ve watched all of Season 1 and what’s been aired so far of Season 2, between this weekend and last. I am caught up in it. It has great sound design, soundtrack, lighting, and production design. The plot is pretty good, has a great many twists and turns, and yet can feel so predictable. But right now, the writers are dragging their feet so much, that the plot isn’t moving forward at all. I dare say that we will never know more than half of what we’d like to know. They write in a carrot or two, but they’ll never fill in the details, and the network will string us along for as long as the advertising holds up.

It’s just not really going anywhere fast, and I don’t like it. To me, it really had the makings of a movie. The plot really reminds me of something that would have worked well as a movie. And maybe it’s just because I’m not watching it every week, and I’d really like to just be done with it that I’m riding the fence on it. Can you imagine a 2 hour movie with this premise? It would have been great, in my opinon. Yet, they’ll drag out the story for a couple of more seasons, and then when it’s finally cancelled, they’ll throw us one last bone and make us feel a modicum better, but really we’ll still feel like they left us high and dry, like we just got long conned, because that’s what they just did.

Or maybe it’s just good writing. But I feel like the story would be much better served by being resolved, instead of the continuous rising and falling action, over and over and over again.

I wonder how this compares to Firefly. How similarly are the stories constructed and told. Both have extremely complex back histories that are slowly being unfolded. So why do I dislike Lost so much and loved Firefly?

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  1. Cole said on April 13, 2006 @ 10:25 pm:

    Speaking of Firefly, I just saw this post on spoofee http://www.spoofee.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31450
    You could get Firefly, and some flowers for your Mom too. Never seen either of the shows myself, so I can’t comment on that. Although from the previews I’ve seen of Lost, the writers do seem to be struggling to come up with more and more far-fetched ways of stretching out the story. Kind of reminds me of Gilligan’s Island; they can’t be rescued or the show would just be over.

  2. Thomas said on April 15, 2006 @ 12:01 am:

    I’ve already got Firefly on DVD…

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