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Posted by Thomas Thu, 13 Apr 2006 23:54:14 +0000

I know that the blog roll over yonder -> is not up to date. It is in fact horribly out of date. But the only way for me to update it is a clumsy interface in WordPress, with no real robust bulk importing of opml files, so I am left doing it all by hand. And I am lazy, so it just doesn’t get done. BUT, since I am meticulous about my bloglines, my bloglines blogroll is very complete. And even moreso today. Why? Because I stumbled upon TJ’s Xanga in her away message. I proceeded to check out her blogroll, and added… TJ, sommer’s other 2 blogs, nanco, clark, and mel. Seeing these people’s blogs spurred me a bit to post more, and the direct result was this post. So, yay for that.

In other news, Lost still sucks. They’re going nowhere fast. They’re stringing us along. Every episode is the same. I hope their ratings drop and the show gets cancelled during the middle of sweeps. Yet, I continue to watch. I predict that they are milking us for all we’re worth, and aren’t going to go out on top. They had such a great story, and they are killing it. At a glacial pace. And where is the conspiracy? That’s like a whole other thing that they could be screwing us with, yet it remains largely untapped. The writers should be strung up by their toenails and beaten with a wet carp.

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