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Posted by Thomas Sun, 30 Apr 2006 00:04:53 +0000

Watched “History of Violence” without commentary, with commentary, and a very long making-of type thing on Saturday. This movie was absolutely beautiful. Music, photography/cinematography, direction, actors, production design, you name it, it was good. The plot was original, and not cookie cutter; the performances were great. While watching the making-of, I noticed Chris Bender, who I recognized from somewhere else. I finally remembered that it was from “Just Friends”, where he was a producer, and was on the commentary for that one, too. Interesting to see these connections and hopefully to find perhaps other good movies from the same people.

In tribute to Chad, words of the day (taken from the director’s commentary of “History of Violence”): suffused and obstreperous.

Why aren’t there comments feeds for Xanga, Blogger, etc? This is a travesty, and I am lazy… Why is there no autosave in WordPress? And there is no spell check either. People are really dropping the ball.

Ohh, and I hope that everyone has noticed that my blogroll is now constantly up-to-date, as it pulls from my Bloglines subscriptions. It should cover everyone, and I would hope that it’s pretty much a complete and authoritative source.

Oh, and I don’t think that I ever gave appropriate <insert word I can’t recall here> “quote/unqoute” “props” to and Robato’s Xanga after he was so gracious in his blog. What is the word? Not circumspect, not retrospect, retribution, retroaction, counteraction, counterproductive, circumvention, revolution, revalation, appropriate response, proportionate response… Is there a single word to describe “to give back equally in accordance to”? Perhaps I’m smoking crack and this will give you all something to ponder for this week. Man, this is going to bother me, now…

Wow, are you still reading this? If so, then you are awesome! (And probably bored/slacking/procrastinating, if you are still in school.)

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