I’m Back!

Posted by Thomas Sat, 17 Jun 2006 01:31:12 +0000

Cali was good, but it’s very good to be back home (or as close to home as home gets nowadays). Plane flew in late tonight. The time difference really gets you on the way back. Since I am car-less and mostly food-less, I am scrounging around. I walked to get my mail and stopped by the office to get a cold beverage, as I have no DP at the house. They had no DP, I went with Coke. I’m sure that everybody wanted to know that. I guess that I’ll just walk the ways to the dealership in the morning to plunk down more than I was probably planning on spending. I don’t think that I’ve gotten the final cost yet. :( I left the air conditioning off while I was gone, and the apt was sweltering when I got in. Didn’t see much to take pictures of, so I don’t think that I have any. We did drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, and the guy that I was with snapped some, but I haven’t looked at them.

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  1. KB said on June 17, 2006 @ 10:18 am:

    Glad you got home okay and had a good week!! :)

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