Family Reunion

Posted by Thomas Tue, 27 Jun 2006 00:51:20 +0000

I took all of Friday off to head down to DFW to see the fam. I didn’t have any trouble getting up this time, especially since my flight was at 1pm… The flight was uneventful, as usual. My parents picked me up and we headed to see some family that wouldn’t be able to make it to the real reunion. We stayed for a bit and headed to Abuelos (which I had been craving for quite some time). We then went to see some friends of my parents for the balance of the night. Saturday we headed to Duncanville mid-afternoon, when the reunion offically started. It ran until brunch on Sunday, when my parents and my sister took me back to the airport. Both getting to see my immediate family and the extended family was good. Got to see lots of people who I hadn’t seen in a long time, plus some family who I’d never met before. There was a bigger turnout than I was expecting, so that was good. Plus, there were a lot who would have normally come but didn’t due to a family emergency. So perhaps next year will be really big. I think that’d be cool. The weekend seemed to sort of end abruptly, but I’m not sure why. Just not much closure, I guess.

But, since I wanted to have a flight out late, as to not have my parents take me to the airport before they were ready to leave, I booked a flight at 6pm. My parents wanted to get out of dodge by 2pm, I’m guessing to make it home before dark. So, I got to the airport around 1:30pm and had a good 4+ hours to kill. I didn’t want to shell out the $10 for internet, so I watched some CNN, ate some chicken at TGI Fridays, and then dozed in and out while watching 1:15 hours of “Garden State”. Very relaxing. Flights without movies are boring to me now. Maybe I should just start watching them on my laptop, but it’s a hassle. I’d prefer to sleep, but I’m not usually tired enough. I bet Friday I will be though, with my early, early flight.

I’ll be in College Station starting Friday morning, through early, early Wednesday morning. I’m definitely craving some Wings ‘n’ More, Layne’s, and Freebirds, so I might treat you to dinner, if you’re nice. :)

I would speak some more to the car, but I really just want to drop it, so…

I’m still pondering the coffee table. I might make it my fee for DJ’ing the reception…

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  1. amy said on June 27, 2006 @ 9:23 pm:

    lecture went fine…probably pretty boring though. tomorrow is first order linear diff eqs, though, so get excited folks!

  2. bigbrother0074 said on June 29, 2006 @ 12:30 pm:

    Family Reunions are so much fun. You don’t get to see these people usually more often than once a year, and sometimes many years inbetween, but once you meet again, they’re still family, and you catch up and are as close as when you left. I just had my family reunion a few weeks ago. My dad’s family is huge. He’s the youngest of 7 and so from my grandparents down, there are 70+ people. Two years ago, everybody came. But this year a lot of people couldn’t make it, so we only had about 60 people (in and out through the weekend). How big was yours? I love having such a huge family. LouLou came this year and got to meet everybody and I think she had a real good time. Ahh…family. They’re fun.
    I’m so excited you’re going to be in College Station! If you need a place to stay or just want to stay at my place for a night, we have an extra bed. I’ve been needing some Layne’s lately, so we’ll definitely make it there at some point. Oh, Thomas Thomas Thomas. It’ll be good to see ya again.

  3. Thomas said on June 29, 2006 @ 3:08 pm:

    I think there were about 25 of us. I still am needing to post some pictures, but haven’t yet had time or put time towards seeing what I shot and what I should post. Yes, I am looking forward to seeing everyone, but not looking forward to getting to the airport at 4.30am.

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