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Posted by Thomas Mon, 21 Aug 2006 21:47:24 +0000

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This past weekend I got back into the Netflix swing of things, watching “The Apartment” from 1960 with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. I wasn’t expecting it to be black and white, which wasn’t bad, just a little shocking. It was easily worth its 8.3 rating on IMDB. Highly recommended. I also watched the original “Ocean’s Eleven’‘. This one was disappointing. Not too much like the remake, and I personally didn’t like it too much. Slow pace, but supposedly good writing. I also saw “Lord of War” with Nick Cage and Bridget Moynahan. This was basically an indie film and was excellent.

Saw “Snakes on a Plane” today. We had a company outing this afternoon to see the movie. Got to love our perks. To steal from some dude’s comments on IMDB, this movie was “ridiculously enjoyable”. To me it was akin to a modern day “Airplane”. Not nearly as over-the-top, but hillarious and enjoyable all the way through. Be sure to watch it with your friends, preferably with snakes, rubber or otherwise. I might even go see it again. It’s currently getting a 8.2 at IMDB, and they aren’t too often wrong. :P

As I’m sure that you’ve noticed, I just added a “Movies” category. I should have done this a long time ago, and I will have to go back and put all of my movie posts into it…

I was sitting here coding with my music on random and heard “The Purple People Eater”, by Sheb Wooley. This conjured a very strong memory of a restaraunt in Amarillo called Doodles. It was just off Western on Olsen, right near Michaels. They served hamburgers with diy toppings, in a very classic setting, with neon signs, old tin signs, an old style gas pump, booths, the whole nine yards. They also had a juke box, that you could, for free as I recall, play a song or two. Which is why this song reminded me of the restuarant, because I always wanted to play that song on the juke box. Anyway, I went there quite often with my Mother, and it’s just not something that I had thought about in quite some time, so a little trip down memory lane.

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  1. bigbrother0074 said on August 22, 2006 @ 4:17 am:

    i saw lord of war while i was in russia (english version, of course). i thought it was really good.

    i saw buffalo soldiers tonight and i liked that one a lot too. i would recommend it to you.

    i’ve gotta see this snakes business

  2. Chad said on August 24, 2006 @ 10:49 am:

    My favorite part of Lord of War was the cash register sound synched with the bolt action of the AK; pretty cool movie. Snakes on a Plane is quite possibly the greatest movie in the history of the world. Saw it with my friend Phil and he wants to start a cult. Also, I remember Doodles.

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