Amarillo International Airport

Posted by Thomas Sun, 26 Nov 2006 20:14:40 +0000

I am waiting for a few more minutes here in the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport with free wifi and figured that I might share some thoughts while still fresh. I was glad to be home and out of Atlanta, but I am also now glad to be heading back to Atlanta. I can only take so much of the “what do you want to eat”, “where do you want to eat”, “did you get enough to eat”, “do you have everything (luggage, camera, tickets)”, etc. I feel pretty hen pecked when they take my temperature on virtually everything. I know that they’re just trying to make my trip as wonderful as possible by making sure that they’re doing what I want to be doing, but in reality I don’t really care that much and am pretty low maintenance (or at least I like to think so) and so I would almost just rather prefer that someone else picked and I will be content with whatever decision is made. I think that my Dad is getting sappy in his old age. I would guess that my Mother is the same way, but knows to hide it a little more from me and to try and not be so Motherly (which I assume that she learned from the empty nest phase during the first few years of me being in college and some talks that we had). I guess they will always be parental, but for theirs and my sakes I wish they’d worry a lot less. It’s surprising that neither one of them has gotten ulcers… Somehow we managed to not see any movies nor did we talk about Baxter. I suppose that I was party to both counts, it seemed a little odd, especially that Baxter never came up. He’s buried in the back yard, so I went to see him twice and took some pictures. I thought that I would feel differently seeing the grave, but I guess that it’s been long enough that it didn’t really evoke much, which in itself made me a little sad.

I got to see Role and Jackson for most of the day on Friday, which was really good. TJ even stopped by a bit, being in Amarillo. Also, while my sisters and Mother shopped in Hobby Lobby, I wandered around the store and caught up with both Max and Ann Murphey (well she used to be Ann Murphey), both of whom I hadn’t talked to in quite some time, so it was good to catch up. All in all a really good weekend, getting to see the fam and getting to see and catch up with friends.

Apparently I have bad luck when it comes to air travel, as everyone seemed to mention it. My parents and even the neighbor mentioned my trouble. Anyway, it wasn’t something that I had even really thought about until several people brought it to my attention. In my mind, I really didn’t think that I have had too many issues… Odd how perceptions are different. I guess it’s just not one of those things that I think about or linger on. I figure that I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

I better sign off as I imagine that we’ll be boarding soon. Hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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