Verizon can’t do math :(

Posted by Thomas Sat, 09 Dec 2006 12:02:51 +0000

For everyone who understand the difference between a dollar and a penny and can do dimensional analysis, you MUST WATCH THIS ROTF LMAO LOLOLO!!1!!!1. If the math is too much for you to follow, just use Google Calculator.

Update: For those of you who would like to keep up with the saga, check in over at the blog this guy set up for this.

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  1. bigbrother0074 said on December 10, 2006 @ 5:53 am:

    that is really funny. i don’t need a calculator to be able to tell that verizon is stupid.

    but i want some resolution! i want to know what happened, and whether verizon at the very least acknowledged what the problem is.

    it sucks to make this guy wade through so much b.s. to come out the end with you know what in his hand, and without so much as an acknowledgment of the difference! jeez, just listening to that call incensed me!

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