Worth mentioning

Posted by Thomas Sun, 14 Jan 2007 02:55:30 +0000

There were several things that I wanted to mention… what were they…

There was something about venting, about how it’s just a bandaid for your feelings and the problem. When you’ve blown everything out of proportion, I suppose it can help you get a reality check. And if you’re having some issues figuring out how to solve some set of problems, then maybe it’s good for getting a second opinion. But for me, most of my problems don’t involve not knowing the course of action, but rather a lack of motivation to put that course of action into motion. But, I think I’m over it for the moment…

I spent a lot of time remote diagnosing/troubleshooting the Wesley network with Ben tonight. During that time, I could hear people in the background carrying on. Wow, I miss those times a lot… :( Thinking about it now, I realize how much I miss just sitting around for hours on end spending time with your closest friends, day after glorious day. Something that I did for I don’t know how many years straight, I almost never do nowadays. I guess I took it for granted then, and only today did I realize that I missed it. Oh to sit on a germ infested Wesley couch for 8 hours straight, with very little to care about except whether to eat Jin’s or Freebirds.

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