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“Babel” is the best movie I’ve seen since… I can’t remember. I watched both “Children of Men” and “Babel” at the theater tonight. I cut it close with Children, but I slid in right on time. I went to eat at Popeyes beforehand, and simply cut the 7.40 a little close for comfort. I went to see “Children of Men” first because it is currently getting an 8.2 at IMDB, I like Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, and Michael Caine, it had the dude from Serenity in it, and I like films with an indie feel. This one let me down a bunch. For an 8.2, I was disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, just not #159 on the list of IMDB’s Top 250 good. Afterwards, I greatly debated if I should have seen another movie. I felt pretty odd and e-something (from the tip of my brain — affluent and bourgeoisie of me) about going to an expensive movie twice in one night. I guess I paid 2 * $9.25. A little stiff, if you ask me. But seriously, Babel was totally worth it. There was almost no one in the theater. I wasn’t 100% sure that “Babel” was the movie I was thinking of, as I had looked at a bunch before I left home. I was pretty sure, though, so took a chance. IMDB has it right now at a 7.8. It is easily 10 times better than “Children of Men”. Like I said, I can’t think of anything to compare it to. The only things I can think of are “Crash”, “Man on Fire”, and “V for Vendetta” (which apparently I didn’t blog about — I would have sworn I did… the mind is going). I’m not talking about comparing this to the old films, just new ones. I was so emotionally connected to these characters and what happened to them. They had me emotionally suspended and unresolved until the very end. Even then, I still have questions. Awesome, just awesome. I hope this one takes best picture.

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  1. bigbrother0074 said on January 31, 2007 @ 1:50 am:


    i’ve really wanted to see babel. also, apocalypto but it left theaters before i got a chance to. but i’ve also heard really good things about children of men. i really liked crash and lindsay foster hated babel so i figured i’d probably like it. and v for vendetta is really good too. it was a graphic novel first, right? another graphic novel movie i really liked was the punisher. it was sad (his family) and dark, but all in all a darn entertaining movie.

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