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Posted by Thomas Sun, 04 Feb 2007 20:01:24 +0000

In addition to all of that (you are reading this in chronological order, aren’t you?) I’ve watched my Netflix movies, too. “The Puffy Chair” sucked. Even with it being an indie film and all, the dialog, plot, and character development just wasn’t there. Next I watched “Clerks 2” which I thought was great and their best film yet. Them being the director/production staff. I didn’t really get the original too much (I don’t get a lot of the really indie genre), but this one was a little more normal of a story (if you can call it “normal”), so for me it was more enjoyable. It just wasn’t out as far as the first, so easier for me to watch and enjoy. Then, I watched “Wordplay”. After having watched “The Puffy Chair” I wasn’t really in the mood for another independent documentary, but it was surprisingly good. I would definitely recommend both “Clerks 2” and “Wordplay” to anybody, but stay away from “The Puffy Chair”.

Both of my sisters have now recommended to me that I become a movie critic. I’m not sure what I think about that.

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