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Posted by Thomas Sun, 04 Feb 2007 19:53:54 +0000

I placed an order for 2 of these just now. With shipping my total was ~$40. Did I pay too much? I know it’s eclectic and all, and since it’s from the UK, I doubt I’ll run into someone else who has them, but paying for shipping them across the pond is a little much. I effectively used some b-day money, so it’s not like it was simple out of pocket money, but money given with the expressed purpose of being used to buy something I normally wouldn’t, which this easily falls into the category of. I guess that between this and my Fry’s run yesterday, I don’t want to lull myself into a buying spree.

The Fry’s buying spree was a new server for Wesley. They’ve been having some problems with it as of late, and have an itch to replace and consolidate, so I’m scratching it for them. I think I might have overbought: 1 gb corsair ddr2, athlon 64 x2 3800+, black antec case w/ 450w ps, dual 250gb maxtors, ecs gforce6 mobo with gig nic, pci-e, and onboard video, pioneer dvd burner. As Cole said, “yeah, it might get kind of bored just routing packets”. Dual core, yeah, I think so. I’m pretty sure that it will be the most powerful computer at Wesley, but will be doing the least amount of real work. I bought some more dual port intel nics on ebay, so after the ski trip, I should have those. I’ll put them in, take a few days to install and configure, and then ship it off to them to physically install.

That’s right, a ski trip. Going with the company. Taking a few days off will be nice. :)

I’ve had two very strong memories surface over the past couple of days. During some internal monologue ramblings, I was taken back to the first few days of our family owning Baxter, and how each one of us kids took a night soothing the beast, as he was crying at night. The other was one night, Dr. Moore brought over to our house some copies of scales for the Tuba. I remembered this because I was watching Wordplay, and remembering romantically how I wished I still played regularly and was good, how practicing the fundamentals sucks, and that scales are part of those fundamentals, hence the memory. I was still pretty young and didn’t know him all that well, so it was a little nerve racking to have him do me a favor. I don’t even remember how it came to be that he was going to bring them over to us. Maybe it was right after I switched to Tuba or something. I honestly don’t recall.

Today I got a bunch of errands run. I paid rent, finally deposited some checks, paid a bill, went to Kroger to pick up a few things (crap, they’re still in the car…), and have caught up on laundry. Yay for checking things off a list! Unfortunately all of the Bank of America ATM’s were out of whack. Bummer. I still need to sign my lease renewal and fill out the rebate forms from the computer parts… I probably should do that now…

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