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I don’t know how your brain works, but I’m often curious about mine. I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do when I grow up. And it bothers me some that I haven’t figured it out yet, and it bothers me even more that I don’t feel like I’ve really crossed anything out either. I don’t think that I want to be a manager, and I don’t think that I want to be a project manager, but how can I know for sure without going down a long road of actually being or half being one of those things for some period of time to know for sure? I dunno. But, back to brains. I consider myself to be a pretty logical person. I like logic, and logic likes me. But there is this general field call logicstics. And, I’m pretty sure that I don’t like logistics and logistics doesn’t like me. But why would that be. If I’m logical and it’s logical, shouldn’t we get along? I assume that there’s just something about it that my brain doesn’t naturally gravitate toward. Perhaps any psyche majors reading can chime in… I recall even during middle school, having issues with these sorts of problems. I was in GT (Gifted and Talented — yes I’m a dork) during middle school. And I distinctly remember the teacher (Mrs. Pelfrey(sp)), giving us these certain tests. They went something like, five people live in a five story apartment complex. No two people live on the same floor. Each tenant owns a pet. Et cetera, et cetera. (example). I never “got” those puzzles, even today, I despise them. Which I assume the same disdain I have towards those puzzles is the same disdain I have for the “if I move X, that frees up space S1. If I need to free up S2 to accommodate constraint C, Y must be moved before X, blah, blah, blah”. I just don’t care about those types of problems. To me, there’s no fun in them. My brain just doesn’t gravitate towards them. Maybe I just see them as mundane, without adventure, and a lackluster creative problem solving outlet.

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  1. T.J. said on February 24, 2007 @ 10:41 pm:

    Did y’all never do those tests in GT that were supposed to tell you what type of job you would enjoy the most? I remember doing something like that in GT. I didn’t take the time to look them up, but I know they exist. I don’t really know what to tell you about figuring out what to do when you grow up, but as to your whole logic/logistics issue there are different things that your brain naturally understands more easily than other things. Think about something like mathematics. There are probably some things that were easier to understand than others and possibly some things that you just didn’t understand. I could be wrong with this (and you could have perfectly understood all of it) but it’s the best analogy I could think of.

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