Horoscope and Battlestar Galactica

Posted by Thomas Thu, 01 Mar 2007 01:40:32 +0000

I have not had a good fortune in quite some time, but my Onion horoscope doesn’t disappoint today:

You’ll find solace this week in the arms of an old friend — arms you’ll pin down using a combination of brute force and the unflinching desperation that comes from a lifetime of loneliness.

I just got done watching the 3 hour Battlestar Galactica pilot. All I can say is wow. I think I’ve found a new television series to obsess over. I think the greater question here is why have I waited this long. I’ve done that with several series now, including but probably not limited to “Lost”, “Firefly”, and “Scrubs” (Scrubs to a somewhat less extent). I would hope that it’s because there really is a lot of bad tv out there that people will watch for a while and will recommend to their friends (and that my tv show taste is better than everyone else’s :) ).

Alas, I probably should be tagging my posts and create a tv category for posts…

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