Makes mouths happy :)

Posted by Thomas Sun, 10 Jun 2007 00:56:21 +0000

I have been supremely pissed at my home network. After having to get it back up and running twice now since I’ve gotten back (due to power eventss), I’ve decided two things. One, that my current ups hasn’t been pulling its weight around here and could use a little more exercise. And, two, that I need to put my critical infrastructure onto ups. Those fit together nicely, don’t they? My ups is now taking on more load and getting more of a workout. I think I’ve only had one day where the power was out long enough to be on battery for longer than a couple of seconds, so my reduced run time really shouldn’t be an issue, even if it does worry me some. I didn’t put my filer on it, but making sure my box, the router, switch, and another core infrastructure box weathers the storm well should let me sleep a little better at night.

All of this frustration has caused me to kick it into high gear and fix many things that have lingered half-broken, the laundry list of which I’m not going to go into. Let’s just say that I think NFS over tcp is a God send, and how you should always disable fam for Samba on Solaris. Makes mouths happy. :) Getting those two things working smoothly really put my mind at ease. I was really worrying there for a little while that I’d invested all of this time and money and in the end it wasn’t going to perform well at all. Hopefully, now, though, it will chug along nicely.

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