The Fall Lineup

Posted by Thomas Mon, 01 Oct 2007 00:45:34 +0000

Scrubs starts Oct 25, Battlestar Galactica returns Nov 24, but wtf?! Lost returns Feb 2008. Why must Lost continue to do this to us?

In other news, you band nerds out there might have run across a teaching book called Fussell Exercises for Ensemble Drill. Lately I’ve been longing for the good olde days when I played everday and was in practice. I think it’s directly correlated to all of the JAG I’ve been watching, with a march in every episode. So, in the string of books I wished I hadn’t sold back to the bookstore (even though I never owned this one — I should have stolen it :) ), I went ahead and bought it online. I chose a retailer on brand recognition (JW Pepper). I pick ground shipping because I don’t need it right away. A couple of days pass, and it arrives at my doorstep. I think in passing, wow, that was fast. I open up the envelope, and it has a return label (because they’re efficient), and I notice that it says Lithia Springs as the city. I think to myself, hmm that’s odd; they printed the wrong city and accidentally printed my city. Then, I look at some of the other documentation and realize that my music was in fact shipped from what can be no greater than 2 miles from my house. I spent $5 on ground shipping, which represented more than half of what the book actually cost. Had I known, I could have just drove by there, as I pass by them like everyday. What’s even more curious is the fact that they are a stones throw away from a FedEx depot. I guess they have their reasons, but if it was me, from a logistics perspective, I’d have gone with FedEx instead of UPS. :)

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