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I couldn’t stand it anymore last weekend. I took most of the day on Sunday the 7th to clean the apartment. It was time. I managed to clean the floors, the toilet, and the tub, but no counters or sinks. I actually cleaned the Formica in the kitchen and bathroom on my hands and knees since I don’t have a mop, and fastidiously vacuumed the carpet (although I don’t know how much it helped). Towards the end I was wishing that I some of that pre-vacuum powdery stuff to freshen up the place. Maybe I should get some candles to smell up the place, too…

I will be in Canyon over this coming weekend, flying in Saturday and flying out Sunday so I can see the new niece. I’m not staying long this trip, but I’ll be back once a month for three months straight, so I can’t see much complaining.

I’ve spent most of this weekend and last week trying to get a few more systems up and working at home. I got hadoop working on a couple of Xen nodes, so that was cool. I got their demos to work, but then I couldn’t really think of anything to do with the new found programming platform, so it’s gone unused. I’ve also been trying to get SSL working for ldap. I think I’m finally starting to understand the whole certificate authority and SSL at a macro level, but there’s always still more to learn. I was maybe hoping to get ldap over SSL working pretty well and maybe even kerberized nfs working, and I’ve made some progress, but not as much as I’d like.

I also managed to actually watch a movie. I don’t know how long I’ve had the Maltese Falcon from Netflix, but by now it’s probably been months. I saw “CashBack”, which was ok. A decent independent film, which had its moments, but not too much to write home about. I also finally tried to play “This Film Is Not Yet Rated” but it had a deformity in the disc, so it was unplayable. I’ve been slowly going through JAG, and am currently in season 3. I guess on the surface it’s a pretty cheesy show (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but it has some long running allusions and story lines that are slowly unraveling, which is why I’m watching in the first place. I guess that I could read online what happens in the end, but where’s the fun in that? Anyway, it’s nice to have this very episodic show carry on these threads and morsels they pay off every once in a while. What was quite odd, though, was the very last episode of season 1. I watched this episode, not knowing anything about it. It was a cliffhanger at the end of the season. To be expected, correct? Well, I start watching the next season, and it doesn’t pick up where it left off. I check online, and it was never aired and the conclusion never written. I was miffed to say that least. Well, they didn’t totally forget about it and actually reused it, re-wrote the story and made a whole new episode out of. Not too bad if you ask me, as there were definitely some tricky and very fine lines to walk to pull it off, which I think they did.

Anyway, it’s 3am. Why am I still awake?

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