Physics is to math as sex is to…

Posted by Thomas Thu, 12 Jun 2008 21:07:08 +0000

Classic. Definitely a new fave to add to the collection. Sort of reminds me of Chad’s story about “mathsturbatory”, though I only recall the word and not the story. :)

I did buy drives at Frys (3 1TB drives), so I’m looking forward to taking them on the plane and getting them into service in the array. I also called BoA this week and they were super helpful with the whole fraud thing. They should be sending me an affidavit and hopefully after some not short length of time, I’ll get the $$ back.

~One more day left in Cali (um, did I mention I’ve been in California for almost 2 weeks now?) and I’m looking forward to being back, though from what I hear it’s pretty warm there. :)

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