Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Posted by Thomas Sun, 26 Oct 2008 19:44:44 +0000

So, if I was behind before, I’m still behind. Like I said, I’ve seen a good number of movies, but I’m still pretty far behind. When I was home I saw “An American Carol” which was mediocre, as was expected. We also saw “Burn After Reading”. Now this movie’s trailer gave it awesome potential. Stellar actors, great directors, and what looked like a quirky plot. Man was I wrong on that one. It was just too weird for me. It was just not worth seeing. Please don’t go watch it. Don’t even rent it. Don’t even download it for free. :) There was a preview for “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People” which in hindsight we should have seen instead…

I also fell in love with “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. Had I known it had Marshall in it from “How I Met Your Mother” and had I known he wrote it and is an awesome musician, I would like to think I would have seen it sooner. I watched it once, then got it and the bonus dvd from Netflix, watched all of that content, then watched it again. A super classic.

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