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Posted by Thomas Mon, 08 Dec 2008 23:01:41 +0000

I’m not one to usually do link posts, but here you go:

Apture sort of reminds me of pop-up-news, but without the automagic, pithy commentary.
Sweetcron is perhaps a step in the right direction. The next cool thing might be a foaf app that organizes your friends. You’ll need some decentralized way to request that someone be your friend.

I absolutely cannot deny that there might be something in this. But I call bs on the whole semantic web thing. I can imagine people finding information for a small subset of questions, and that even within that subset twitter should be able to find a revenue model. I doubt, though, that this approach would work in the larger search context. And, I still don’t get twitter (or ff for that matter). :( How has no one made the new hotness that competes with these?

And while I’m semi-ranting, why are there no standards for blog themes? Have I mentioned this before? Anyway, wouldn’t it be so nice if there were another xml feed that you could just xsl into a theme? Then any theme created for any blogging software might be able to skin your favorite blogging software…

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