Taco Bell

Posted by Thomas Sat, 13 Dec 2008 20:15:38 +0000

I was dumb and when I finally went to eat lunch at like 4pm forgot to take my wallet! Good thing I keep all that change in the console. The lady didn’t bat an eye when I paid her in exact change; $5 worth of quarters.

I’ve spent most of my day packaging up various l7-filter debs. I’ve been meaning to play with qos for forever, and was finally in the mood to fight with it today.

Oh, and distcc has to be the worst packaged thing ever. It absolutely requires you to specify acls (the –allow flag) restricting access, but only allows you to specify to listen on one ip. How’s that supposed to work? Apparently I have to listen on all interfaces, else I restrict myself to only 1 subnet. Like say when my hostname has an AAAA record, distcc pukes. I can’t add my /64 to –allow, so I have to listen on my internal ip. That’s well and good and all, but then what if I want to connect to localhost? Then I’m sol… It makes no sense.

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