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Posted by Thomas Sun, 19 Jul 2009 00:16:19 +0000

Ug. Flight from atl to dfw good. Have to wait to fix flight door motor from dfw to ama. 30 min late. Got to ama; no luggage :( no refund of my $15, but luggage couriered to canyon at their expense :)

1030a flight from ama to iah on tues cancelled. Weather fail at iah. No text, no call, no nothin’. They automatically rebooked on 430p; good. 2h wait in line to find out what I already knew, not so good. 430p ontime until it wasn’t, at about 345p. Delayed til 530p. Which means ill prolly miss my connection. :( They nicely rebook on 1p flight, which seemed to want to leave at 435p. But then plane requires 10m of maintenance. :( 45m later, we finally start boarding. During this time the 430p flight arrives at ama. Since our jet was empty and still needing maint, they pulled it away from the jet bridge, so we board on the tarmac. Fun. Both the 1p and 430p leave around 530p, which still makes me think I’m gonna miss my connection. Sleep most of the way and get to iah at 7p. 30m to catch connection. Sprint catty-corner thru term b to catch ghetto bus to term a. Make it to conn w/ 10m to spare. Flight to cll uneventful. At cll, no cars to rent and no luggage. Luckily while waiting on ride luggage arrives on next flight.

Not much more luck on the flight from College Station back to ATL. Make it to Houston fine, after waiting a bit on tsa to open shop and babysit us through the process. Get on plane and start taxiing to take off on-time (supposed to leave at 447p). Something like 45 minutes go by, still on tarmac. Eventually they say that there’s a ground lock in Atlanta, more info in 20 min. Eventually they say that they’ll take us back to the gate. Once at the gate, I scarf down Popeye’s because I have no idea when my next meal will be. I also stock up on bottled water, just in case. I think it was like twice that they said “we’ll have more info in one hour”. Lots of reading and lots of people watching. Eventually they set the departure time of like 1020p. We get in at like 2am. Yet again I’m like 6 hours later than I was supposed to be. At least this time I didn’t have to pay for checking my bag, and they didn’t manage to lose the bag, either.

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