Adventures with puppet

Posted by Thomas Sun, 02 Aug 2009 17:09:26 +0000

Last Sunday I finally had sufficient desire to get puppet working on Sunday. But I ran into issues and didn’t get it working, sort of like If you give a mouse a cookie.

  1. Install puppet => realize the version in etch is a little old, my config doesn’t work out of the box, the documentation online doesn’t jive with the behavior I’m seeing with this version => debugging is difficult
  2. Decide to upgrade to puppet in testing => make a backup of the machine => disk has bad sectors in the image => machine doesn’t have ddrescue => machine doesn’t have internet access (for reasons still tbd) => download ddresuce deb => copy to machine => install ddresuce => finally make a backup of the image w/ ddrescue
  3. Try to verify the new image is good by firing it up in the vm => vm doesn’t like the image (fsck barfs due to physical # of sectors not matching the ext3 superblock) => finally figure out I can try to resize the ext3 disk image => image boots!
  4. I get tired of this, and don’t get around to upgrading to testing

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