H.R. 3962

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SEC. 322. PREMIUMS AND FINANCING. – Why isn’t the government earning interest on this $2B, 10-yr loan for the public option? We did it for TARP, why not here?
Too bad that people don’t mention the tax deductions for certain people, businesses when they mention the tax increases.
Which leads me to wonder why you’d want to add a 2.5% tax on medical devices if one of your primary goals is to decrease healthcare cost. Not much has been said on the increased services (well, some) that this bill provides leading to the increase in taxes.
Interesting. This section contains a “NO BAILOUTS” provision.
I read that some other countries’ systems always pay out within 5 days. Would be nice if the government run shops did this as well.
Tax credit subsidies will cover only up to half of businesses’ premium costs, and the tax deductions run out after two years.
TODO: see how much funding is granted towards “INCREASING NUMBER OF PRIMARY CARE DOCTORS”
how much is the average currently paying for healthcare (e.g. via their employer)
The possible jail time is really only in reference to normal tax evasion standards enforced by the IRS.
H.R. 3962″ table; the trends at first glance don’t appear promising
good summary: http://www.ohioverticals.com/blogs/akron_law_cafe/2009/11/health-care-financing-reform-55-cbo-estimate-for-h-r-3962/
why tax individuals w/o healthcare?
where are the reductions in spending?
tax burden summary: http://www.lifeandhealthinsurancenews.com/News/2009/11/Pages/CBO-Combs-Through-HR-3962.aspx
TODO: draw a graph of per capita medicare spending over the last 10 years against the average in the US by private insurers, the average across the top 10 industrialized nations, and the average globally
TODO: draw a graph of the year over year percentage difference per capita between medicare, the US private insurers, the average across the top 10 industrialized nations, and the average globally

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