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Posted by Thomas Tue, 09 Feb 2010 01:10:54 +0000

!@%$($)@_+!! it. If ever in the future I tray again to move myself please stop me. I’ve gone through 2 power supplies and now my video card doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. At this rate I’ll have a whole new computer within the month. :( All of these broken components were not in the budget. Thank goodness I had the (flippant) desire to put the filer and the tv in the truck. In hindsight I should have put my workstation in there as well. Putting it at the very back of the trailer where it would get the most sway, have the most room to move, and get the most scratched up was a bone-headed move. I suppose I should be thankful I didn’t lose any data, though I’m wondering now about the hard drive in the workstation, if it’s going to hold out or not. It’s had a good run, and smart checks out, but it has some smart checksum errors, which is troubling, along with some less than desirable sounds emanating from it. And of course both frys and microcenter were closed by the time I discovered the video problems. Thanks alot ups for delivering my package at like 8pm (12 hours after it was put on the truck).


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