PayPal Sucks Reprised

Posted by Thomas Wed, 02 Jul 2008 23:02:44 +0000

OMFG. So when I went to BoA to ask them to get my money back from Paypal, I thought I actually would. I know how good credit card companies are at fraud. They sent me the affidavit, which I dutifully signed and sent back. A week or two later they reverse the check and I get all of the money back into my bank account. Great! But then I look at my Paypal balance. $-489. WTF? So they totally charged me for the money the bank got. What kind of system is that? I’ve done all that work (well make BoA do all that work) for naught. I call up Paypal who are again stonewalling me. “Yes we’re sorry this is unfortunate. Yes it is the expected behavior to deduct this from your account. Yes our fraud department is doing all they can to get your money back. No we don’t know when you’ll get your money back. Yes, you better hope this doesn’t go into debt collection.” So then I’m like, well, I don’t want a negative balance because I want a working Paypal account (which at this point is debatable). So I’m like, well I want it now, I’ll pay with credit. They have my credit card number on file, so I quickly click through the process. Immediately after I hit the “yes really deduct this from my credit card” button I read the fine print that read something like “this will show up as a cash advance and your credit card company may charge you as such”. Again with the wtf? At this point I’m past the point of no return, so I quickly load up my online banking to see if the charge is pending. It is, but I don’t see any extra fees. Maybe I dodged a bullet. Nope, looking at my current outstanding charges, there’s an extra $15 charge there for “CASH EQUIVALENT TRANSA[CTION]“. Oh for the love. I’m out closer to $505 due to my double stupidity. :(

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